Live Data Banners

Real-Time Data Feeds within your Ads

Connect XML, JSON, or Google Spreadsheets and display ads according to real-time data. This tool is perfect for e-commerce, jobs, travel, real estate, hotels, live events, live match scores, gambling, and many other industries needing to showcase real-time changes within banners.

Connect Your Feeds with Any Format

Use any XML, CSV, or JSON feeds to connect your data to your banners. The advanced feed editor allows you to easily extract relevant data, even from larger and tedious feeds. Use currency converter, apply translations, convert time and dates to local user format, sort, prioritise and much, much more.

Use Live Data to Your Advantage

Showcase live data and apply modifications on the go. Do you manage a sports company? Display current match scores and odds for a live match and segment data for different countries and audiences. Not only that, generate dynamic hyperlinks containing pre-filled data and personalize text-based on audience segmentation.

Show dynamic content based on weather, date time, geo-positioning, and more... easily!

Use Product Filters like a Pro

You can connect a retargeting pixel tracker on your feeds to show specific product ID/images/links/SKUs and more within your banner - no matter if it is displayed on a different website or cross-platform device.

Like this, you can choose to show relevant products in stock or on sale. Apply filters or rules as you wish with a few clicks.