Take control of your display ads.

Create, Manage, Translate, Distribute and Schedule all your creatives right here, right now.

Your team needs high-performance. A powerful & innovative solution that helps gain creative control over massive marketing and advertising strategies. Manage all creative digital media and display ads with your entire marketing and design team - all in one place. AMP, HTML5, MP4, PNG, GIF

Design Banners

Don’t go anywhere else. Kick your creatives into high gear and deposit your creative vision into one place. Design stunning, high-end display ads for your marketing & advertising strategies and share them with your team in real-time.

Available with all features for smooth Animated and Static banner creation for campaigns that need to get launched. It’s too easy.

Banners in Multiple Sizes

Design one ad. Generate 20+ sizes. Successfully develop digital display banners and multiply them to get them published on every major network online, in an automated way.

Create all your advertising and marketing campaigns for social media, Google Ads, major ad networks, websites, e-commerce, and more.

Banner Translation

Your digital creatives available in any language in the world.

If this isn’t expansion, we don’t know what is. Escalate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by translating your team’s work to fit multiple markets around the globe. Advertise to your broad audiences with our quick translation tool. It only takes one click to open the doors to the worldwide market.

Create Dynamic Banners

Connect your ads to live XML and JSON feeds and display real-time live data in your display ads.

E-commerce, Travel, Gambling, Trading, Real Estate, Hotels, Local Deals, Jobs - No need to design a single banner per separate product.

E-commerce, Travel, Gambling, Trading, Real Estate, Hotels, Local Deals, Jobs - No need to design a single banner per separate product. Start building from one template and display different data based on your Programmatic-setup.

Update thousands of ads on the minute and without the stress.

Easy Banner Management

Whip your team’s assets into shape and tailor them into different categories such as brands, projects, folders or images, videos, and fonts. Invite any team member to collaborate on banners easily and just focus on creating. Design, make changes and boost your creative workflow in real-time.

Managing your team’s extensive campaigns in an optimized manner goes a long way, especially when working with massive amounts of creatives. Wave goodbye to jumping from tool to tool searching for what you need. Find them here!

Banner Ad Scheduling

Manage your creative digital media campaigns for any ad network from one place. A single Ad tag/ embed code can display different ads every day. Plan campaigns ahead of time and kick back on Black Friday and the Holiday Season ;)

A powerful tool compatible with every major ad network in the world. Schedule your creatives for the ad network of your preference with just a couple of clicks. Streamline creatives and don’t think about having to re-publish ads every time they are updated.

Banner Analytics

Success is measurable. Analyze the progress and impact of your campaigns on our easy-to-read platform.

Go the extra mile. Get an inside look at impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, and ROI. Easily interpret any tweaks needed to make a successful digital media marketing campaign. Check the heatmap, rollovers, visibility time and video play-time to determine what users are doing when looking at your creatives. A/B test banners to find out which is more effective.

In-Display Video

Press play. Create prodigious in-display video ads compatible with all major platforms and ad networks right here. Embed videos in MP4, OGG, WEBM to your banners.

Kick your in-display video banners up a notch and create compelling media content to drive engagement and skyrocket your click-through-rate.

Make us part of your team.

Only Mega makes it easy for marketers and advertisers to improve the quality of their digital media advertisement for any platform, streamlining work, gaining creative control, and measuring success all from one place. What are you waiting for? Let’s make productivity happen.