Host Banners in your Cloud

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With self-hosting, you’re the boss. Handle data in your cloud.
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You can create and edit banners, analyze the results of your last campaign, handle your diverse inventory, install widgets for a smooth-running experience, and hit publish - all while being in total control of your data.

Any S3-compatible cloud storage

With self-hosting, you are the keeper, but no worries, we will take care of the installation process so you don’t have to. All HTML5 banners, Videos, Feeds, Schedules, Widgets, Ad tags will be stored automatically on your Cloud storage and connected to your own domain name.

Features included

1. Banner Editor

Create animated banners with a diverse collection of templates or start from scratch. Use trendy fonts, colors, images, shapes, and more.

2. Live Feed Data

Include live data feeds (XML/JSON) in your banners and display dynamic content (e-commerce, gambling, travel, jobs, real estate and more) to appeal to your audience successfully and generate conversions.

3. Translations

Reach your audience anywhere in the world. Easily translate banner ads with one click.

4. Schedule Campaigns

Plan and schedule your banners in advance. Publish just in time for Black Friday, Christmas, and other specials events and holidays, while you kick-back.

5. Video Banners

Create lively video banners and in-display videos to effectively capture users attention and increase CTR.

6. Analytics

See where you’re standing with analytics. Make the right moves on upcoming campaigns based on hard data.

7. Widgets

Make your experience easy-going by adding productive widgets to the already-functional platform.

8. Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real-time. Edit, comment, and publish ads with your team’s approval.

9. Manage Inventory

Handle an organized inventory of assets all from one place. No need to go anywhere else.

10. Publishing

Pull the trigger on your next compelling campaign with one click and automatically send it to multiple networks.

Dominate your Data with Self-Hosting

Our self-hosting banner solution is like no other. Save the time and money necessary to keep your business growing and don’t forget about the unlimited banner impressions and traffic for free.