Rich media banners

Create better Ads with widgets

Capture your audience with compelling HTML5 ads using rich media widgets. Picture this: Fireworks, confetti, snow, raining effects and more. Get YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify players, Countdown, videos masks, and other effects in just a few clicks.

Create Something New & Exciting

Banner blindness is real. Use widgets to stand out and deliver refreshing content to your audience. For example, ads with Playlists or Audio Players to promote new music. Youtube and Vimeo Players to add video content. Custom VFX motion effects to wow your audience.

Develop Your Own Widgets

Create and execute your own widgets with a built-in widget html/javascript/css editor. Create reusable responsive widgets for all your banner sizes, user interactions, and more. Connect with real-time feed data, generate dynamic URLs, and create compelling effects.

Gameplay Banner Widgets

Ding, ding ding! Engage with your users by inserting gaming widgets into your banners. Choose from slot machines, dice games, and more. Your gambling audience can play along by interacting with animations through their mouse and keyboard!