Annual subscription

Yes, BannerNow supports annual subscription. You can select it on subscription page (Dashboard -> top-right gear icon -> Subscription) or simply go to Subscription Page . When selecting annual membership over monthly BannerNow will give you a substantial discount.

How can I update/change my subscription plan?

You can upgrade/downgrade your BannerNow membership at any time. Go to Pricing Page to see existing membership plans as well as your currently selected plan.

What is "Banner Views"?

When creating BannerNow banners you have an option to host your banners on BannerNow Cloud and Embed them into AdNetworks/Websites/Blogs using small code snippets. One "View" is counted every time the page with your banner is loaded/displayed to an end user. It is an equivalent of "Banner Impression".

How can I Download a Banner on my Computer?

A Banner can be downloaded directly from Dashboard. Select desired banner (click checkbox), click download button from right-side menu. Also you can use Gear Icon underneath banner's thumbnail and click Download banner. *There is a fee associated with downloading banners and this fee depends on your current subscription plan. Please check out Pricing Page for more details.

What is "Responsive Banner"?

"Responsive Banner" is a term referred to Banners that are dynamically resized depending on screen/display size. A Responsive Banner will look the same on a laptop screen as well as on a mobile device.

Why I don't see my banner?

Browsers that have content filtering and ad blocking extensions (such as AdBlock) installed may hide banners. Make sure that you allow those extensions display BannerNow banners.

How exactly I get charged when upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Browsers that have content filtering and ad blocking extensions (such as AdBlock) installed may hide banners. Make sure that you allow those extensions display BannerNow banners.

How can I cancel my Subscription?

In order to cancel your BannerNow subscription simply go to Subscription Page and click Cancel at the bottom of the page.

What is Balance Credit in my account?

There are 2 ways to receive Balance Credit in BannerNow:

  • BannerNow awards credit directly to you.
  • You downgrade your subscription (switch from a more expensive subscription to a less expensive one).
In the case of downgrade, you will receive a pro-rate credit to your BannerNow balance. This credit can be used to to pay for your future monthly/yearly subscription.

Can I receive money back for unused funds when cancel my account?

No, BannerNow does not refund money when you cancel your account. When cancelling account you will be able to still use it until the end of billing cycle.

How to translate a banner?

Select desired banner(s) from Dashboard. On the right-side menu click Translate tab. BannerNow will automatically find all text fields in your banner(s) and display them in translation menu. You can use automatic translation (simply select desired language from the dropdown) or enter new text manually.

How to rename a folder?

Find desired folder. Use mouse right-click to open context menu. Click Rename. Enter New Name. Done!

How to duplicate a banner?

In order to duplicate an existing banner in your dashboard, find a desired banner and click Gear Button on banner's thumbnail to access the menu. From the menu click Duplicate.

Why generated thumbnail(screenshot) doesn't look exactly as my banner?

Generated thumbnail/screenshot is an approximate representation of your banner. It looks for the most part as close to your banner as possbile but missing a few non-important features like gradient colors and shadows.

How do you calculate Banner Size?

BannerNow Editor calculates a banner size for you while you're working on it. You can see current banner size by accessing header dropdown menu (click ... on the right of "Save & Close" button). The final banner size is an approximate size (in KB) of exported Zip archive of your BannerNow banner. We calculate banner size based on how many images and text items are used in your banner. Final banner size for the most part depends on total size of used images. Suggestion: Optimize size of your images in order to make total size of your banner as small as possible.

Do you support Autosave of banner creation process?

Yes. You can enable Autosave by clicking Top-Right dropdown menu (...) and selecting one of 3 options - 5, 10 or 30 minutes.

How to set Animation Effects in my Banner?

Any item (Text, Image, Button, Shape) of the a Banner can be animated. Animation can be setup using Timeline. Animation consists of 3 parts - Appear, Stay, Dissapear. For Appear and Disappear parts of animation there is a set of pre-defined transition effects as well as custom effects that can be setup manually. Any animation can have a delay and for each part of animation a duration can be set up.

How to rename a layer on timeline?

In order to rename a layer on timeline you need to double click on layer name section. Text input will appear where you can enter new layer name. After that simply press Enter to save new name

How to change the order of layers on timeline?

You can change order of a layer on timeline by dragging & dropping layer to a desired position.

How to Lock a layer?

To lock a layer simply click Lock icon on desired layer. Any layer can be locked so that it can't be selected or changed on stage. This feature is useful when working with a large number of layers/items and when you wanna make sure that a certain item does not accidentally get updated/changed.

How to change layer visibility?

To change layer visibility click eye icon on desired layer. Same as lock this feature is useful when working with a large number of items and when you wanna make sure that a certain item/layer does not get accidentally changed/updated. It will remove an item from the stage.

How to preview a banner?

To preview current state of banner click Play button from the left-side menu (Under Stage Setting button). A popup window with preview animation will appear. You can change preview properties(target window size) to see how your animation will look like on different screens/devices.